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LA TOÀN VINH Diary, July 2006 in New York city

Montréal july 12-06
11.30 pm, Bus Station

I am back to New York after exactly one year. That time when saying goodbye to Wilson, I remembered him asking me when would be my next visit to NY, " probably during summer…", it was my answer,
A year has passed, and a following summer, from the pay phone in the Empire State building, I contact Wilson, who, leaning on his stick, awaits me at his doorstep.

New York- Bus Station 42nd Street. July 13-06/ 8.45 am

I am here in NY, after a long overnight trip on the Greyhound bus, exhausted by lack of sleep…But it’s still to early to be checked in the hotel. I stop by an Internet Café next to the bus station on the 42nd and the 8…
Always vibrant, crowded, mostly in summer, from this 42nd Street up to the section of Broadway, Fashion, and America, NY stays the city that seems never sleeps. When I finish sending some email to Montreal, it’s already pass 9 am. I am heading now to Chelsea, my camera on.

I take a walk along the Hudson river to fully enjoy a peaceful dawn of the city. I pass by the Feigen Gallary located on the 20th and 10th Street, but it’s still closed. In a small street where one can find a lot of other galleries, I run in to JohnHeld Jr. and Bluzz. John informs me that Feigen won’t organize shows about Ray’s collages, yet activities will be held at Bill Wilson’s place to mostly welcome back friends.
I stop at Wilson’s house on my way, and is warmly welcomed by himself. However, as it’s still too early, I get back on the 42 nd and the 9th to check myseft in one hotel very close to the station and the Time Square in order to better understand the life of the city.

July 13-2006 / 3pm
I stop by an Internet café on the 27th to check mail. When I am back to Wilson’s place, it is already 4:30pm. I meet with one young Korean fellow, who is an descendant of Nam June Paik, according to Bill Wilson. He looks at the T-shirt that I used for my Performance on April 1995, and he was silent. Then he shows me a partial script of George Brecht on a post card that it’s still in his possession. I read to him the script. In the meantime, he introduces me to his writing about his mother, Mrs. May Wilson.
In a room loaded with books on the 25th and the 10th in Chelsea, where, according to Wilson, there are more or less 300 galleries of all kinds. Meanwhile, on the 2nd floor of Joe’s house, friends start to cook, and I join the circle.
At that present time, guests start to show up.

5.30 pm /July 13-06
I take a lot of pictures during our activities, during which Joe had played the guitare and sang with all his heart. I did the same regarding the pieces of art from May Wilson, the ones that are hang in the walls. The downstairs is Wilson’s reception. We have wine and snacks.
I see Johnheld Jr. and recall him about our next visit in VN, Felter from Vancouver, and Jack from somewhere else. We are all here and discuss about food.
7:30pm – I left Wilson’s house and start wandering on Manhattan’s streets at night to take pictures. NYC at night is wonderfully animated.

9.30 am 14 July-2006 From Time Square to 53th Street

I stop by an Internet Café at Burger King across the hotel on the 42nd Street to send and receive some email. Then I keep walking towrds MOMA on the 53 and 5. It was 10:30 by that time. There are just a few visitors at the museum opening hour, however I notice the presence of Felter from Vancouver at the first row. After a while, everybody is up like yesterday. This is a big presentation on DADA trend, a significant attraction for the museum this year.
Joel is in charge of collecting momey from the group to pay for the museum admission. Everybody is informed to gather at 2pm at the back door to get lucnh together.
I am impressed of the contribution of DADA’ artists through their pieces of art, to the human community, although it was nearly a decade. Their art is still alive in anyone’s mind, the ones who are cheerful to the artistic creation.

2 pm
We are heading towards the back of the museum of Modern Art. This is a fast food location named Burger Heaven that exists nearly 60 years ago in NYC. We separate afer lunch around 3pm.
I feel exhausted and leave before everybody else,
I cancel also the evening banquet at Katz’s to catch my bus as I want to be on schedule for the next day back to montreal...
6:30 Am , July 15-2006 Montréal
I am very pleased during my last 3 days at NYC as I can see everybody, and make new acquaintance with people like Honoria Starbuck(Texas),Jo Ann Hil(England) Johnheld Jr( San Francisco), Jack, Buzz, Sztuka Fabryka(Belgium), Jae Lee, Ken B. Miller(Philadelphia), Anna Boshi(Italy), Jas Felter(Vancouver)...A day in memory of Ray Johnson.

La toàn Vinh
July 15-2006



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